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PH Driver Boards
Use SymTech Labs' compact, robust PH Driver board to drive low impedance (low-Z) fuel injectors with your MegaSquirt ECU.
Megasquirt MSQ Repository
Take a look at our new MSQ file repository. Download and share Megasquirt MSQ files easier than ever before!

    Past Stories:

06-03-11, Our website has recently been upgraded to accommodate our MS3-based MegaSquirt systems. The technical articles in our knowledge base have been updated and our MSQ File Repository now supports the MS3 MSQ file format.


06-03-11, SymTech Labs is on Facebook. Join the conversation here: http://facebook.symtechlabs.com

05-25-11, Take advantage of special savings during our Memorial Day sale! Use coupon code "GMEM11" during checkout for deep discounts across our entire store! This sale lasts through the week and ends Monday, May 30th, 2011 at 11:59pm EST. Active duty and veteran members of our military may contact us for even further discounts.

05-25-11, We're looking for broken 95-99 SBECIII and FCC PCM's (from Eclipses, Talons, Neons, etc.). We'll pay up to $10 for each ECU, plus shipping! Email us for details!

05-25-11, Our complete MegaSquirt EMS kits just got even better! All of our kits now include a full TunerStudio MS license at a significant savings. TunerStudio MS, developed by EFI Analytics, is the most feature rich and refined tuning software ever available for the MegaSquirt platform. This license unlocks all of the features available in the registered version. New license keys can be easily registered here: http://old.symtechlabs.com/support/ts_register.php

09-02-10, There will be a brief interruption in PayPal service tonight, September 2nd, 2010, between 11:00PM PDT and 11:20PM PDT. This service interruption will affect all SymTech Labs customers completing an order and paying with either a PayPal account or a credit card. We apologize for the inconvenience.

07-04-10, Use the discount code "JULY4" for a special store-wide discount! This offer ends on July, 5th 2010 at 11:50pm EST. Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

07-01-10, The latest incarnation of Megasquirt engine management systems, MS-3, is finally here! We have a very limited supply of these ECU's available right now, so please email for information about pricing and availability.

12-06-09, In the spirit of the holiday season, we will be offering absolutely free shipping on all orders placed tomorrow, Monday, December 7th, 2009, between 12:00am and 11:59pm. Remember that this is also the last day to order a Megasquirt ECU and guarantee its arrival by December 25th. There are no special discount codes, simply follow the usual checkout process to receive free shipping!

11-28-09, Due to the overwhelming response we received, we're extending our Black Friday Sale until Sunday, December 28, 2009 at 11:59pm! Act now, we won't have another sale like this for a while!

11-27-09, Our annual Black Friday Sale will end on Nov. 27, 2009 at 11:59pm EST. Simply use the coupon code "D4728Z" during checkout to receive your discount!

10-27-09, If you have recently purchased a Megasquirt harness from SymTech Labs, please read this technical service bulletin. We have identified a flaw in the connector shell that may case electrical shorts. If you're unable to complete the service steps outlined in the TSB, please contact us to arrange for a warranty claim.
Premium Megasquirt Harness TSB

06-24-09, The SymTech Labs' 420A Race Manifold has just become available for sale! To celebrate the first high performance cast manifold available for the 420A/DSM platform, we're offering 420A Race Manifolds at a discounted price! Buy yours now!
SymTech Labs 420A Race Manifold

06-22-09, Act now to take advantage of SymTech Labs' first Summer Sale! Use the coupon code "82AP7X" to take advantage of special pricing on nearly everything in the SymTech store! We have even brought back $5 shipping for all orders!
SymTech Store

05-10-09, It's not too late to take advantage of our "Summer's Almost Here" sale! This sale ends tomorrow at 12:00pm EST, so act now! In addition to our discounted prices on Megasquirt ECU's and kits and $5 flat rate shipping, we're offering upgraded 4-bar MAP sensors on the next ten complete 420A Megasquirt EMS kits sold!

05-08-09, Thank you for such an overwhelming response to our "Summer's Almost Here" sale! We would like to announce a few changes; some parts of this sale are ending while others are just beginning.
The free shipping portion of this sale is now over, however we are now offering $5 flat rate shipping!

Complete Megasquirt EMS Kits for the 420A are still being offered at a low sale price! Plus, the next five kits sold will have their MAP sensors upgraded to 4-bar sensors free of charge!

Looking for an engine management solution a little different than our Complete Megasquirt EMS Kits? Our bare Megasquirt EMS ECU's are now being offered at a low sale price too!
Take a look at our Megasquirt product pages for more information!


Thank you again! We truly value your business!

05-06-09, For a limited time we're offering free shipping on all orders and discounted rates on our complete Megasquirt EMS kit for the 420A! Act now before these deals are gone!
SymTech Labs Store
Complete Megasquirt EMS Kit - 420A

03-18-09, SymTech Labs' very own 420A Race Manifold will be ready for release within approximately eight weeks. Please see the 420A Race Manifold press release for further details about the manifold, as well as pricing information. Log-style manifolds are finally a thing of the past!
420A Race Manifold Press Release

02-26-09, Looking for a complete solution to adding Megasquirt to your 4G63? Look no further! The SymTech Labs complete 4G63 Megasquirt EMS Kit includes everything you need to install Megasquirt into your 4G63-powered vehicle:
Complete 4G63 Megasquirt EMS Kit

12-27-08, In celebration of the holiday season, our offices will remain closed until Monday, December 29, 2008. Order processing and shipping will resume on Monday.

11-28-08, Save 15% on our Complete 420A Megasquirt Kits! This sale lasts through today, so buy yours now!
Megasquirt EMS Kit - 420A

11-26-08, SymTech Labs is now fully stocked with five different choices of super-bright LED's for use in your SymTech Megasquirt ECU! Choose between green, red, amber, blue or white LED's to compliment your vehicle's color scheme; you can even mix and match! Blue LED's are installed as standard equipment in all SymTech Labs' Megasquirt ECU's, so if desired, please specify your color of choice upon completing your purchase with us.

11-18-08, SymTech Labs has assembled a complete Megasquirt kit for the 420A application. This kit includes all of the popular options and upgrades, and every accessory needed for a complete Megasquirt installation. Take a look at the 420A Megasquirt EMS Kit for more information:
Megasquirt EMS Kit - 420A

11-17-08, Due to popular demand, we've recently added our Megasquirt temperature sensors, USB-serial adpaters and 420A alternator voltage regulators to our online store. Our USB-serial adapters are perfect for connecting your newer, USB-only laptop to a Megasquirt ECU. The 420A alternator voltage regulator is a great to maintain control over the alternator while completely removing 420A ECU's with on-board voltage regulators. You can view all new product listings here:

Megasquirt Temperature Sensors
Megasquirt USB-Serial Converter
420A Alternator Voltage Regulator

10-06-08, Our shipping department has resumed operations! All orders received last week have been shipped.

09-30-08, SymTech Labs's shipping department will be closed through October 6, 2008 for calculating our inventory. Please be advised that all orders placed and paid for before this date will not ship until then. We apologize for any inconvenience!

09-21-08, SymTech Labs has successfully completed the alpha testing stages for PnP 420A Megasquirt! Final testing is still needed to ensure proper functionality of features under all conditions. Stay tuned for announcements regarding final release dates and related news.

09-01-08, All SymTech Megasquirt ECU's are 15% off in celebration of Labor Day! This sale only lasts until tomorrow, Tuesday, Septemeber 2nd, 2:00pm EST, so order now! Please see our Megasquirt product page for more information and ordering.

08-23-08, SymTech Labs has recently developed a feature-rich database for uploading and sharing Megasquirt MSQ files. Users can download any MSQ file, free of charge, to make configuring their own Megasquirt systems quicker and easier than ever! The database offers sorting, filtering and searching to help make finding appropriate files a cinch. If you have an MSQ file to share, please upload yours today!

08-11-08, For added turbocharger support with Megasquirt, use a SymTech upgraded MAP sensor kit! Our upgraded MAP sensors are built on custom circuit boards and mount in the same location as the standard 255kPa sensor. The three bar sensor is capable of reading roughly 29psig while the four bar sensor can read up to 44psig. Our MegaMAP sports two four bar sensors plus additional circuitry to utilize MS1/Extra and MS2/Extra's barometric correction feature. Check out their product pages here.

08-06-08, Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) is a very useful measurement while tuning as it can quickly indicate hazardous engine conditions before damage occurs. Megasquirt can log and display EGT values, but extra hardware is required. SymTech Labs has released a Megasquirt EGT interface module, compatible with any K-type thermocouple, that reads from 0 - 1832 degrees Fahrenheit. Installation is completed with just five quick and easy connections! Take a look at the Megasquirt EGT interface module product page for more details.

08-05-08, To kick off our latest round of support for both Neons.org and 2GNT.com, we're offering a 10% savings on all Megasquirt systems through August 12, 2008. Take a look at the Megasquirt product page for more details!

08-04-08, SymTech Labs is releasing a line of exhaust gas temperature (EGT) interface modules to give your Megasquirt ECU the power to log EGT directly from a thermocouple! Pricing and availability details will be released later this week.

08-04-08, 420A DSM PTFE intake manifold spacers are currently on sale through next Monday! Please take a look at their product page for pricing, and don't forget to include stainless steel bolts for added protection against heat conduction!

08-04-08, We recently added many new products and services to our store. Please take a look at our new, larger selection and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

06-02-08, SymTech Labs is currently seeking non-functioning SBECIII and FCC PCM's (ECU's) to be used as cores in an upcoming project. SBECIII and FCC PCM's were found in many Avengers, Neons, and N/T Eclipses & Talons. The cores will be harvested for parts, so non-working PCM's only please! Contact our R&D team to find out if your PCM qualifies and for information about our pay structure.

05-15-08, In an ever ongoing campaign for the Earth, Symtech has released a webpage detailing several of our environmental practices and policies. Here's how we do our part to protect the planet: Environmental Commitment

05-09-08, Here are a few of your questions about PnP 420A MS with answers:

Q: What does installation involve? Is it truly a plug and play install?
Installation will take all of ten minutes to complete. The stock engine control unit (ECU) must first be disconnected from the engine harness, then unbolted from its bracket. PnP 420A MS will connect to the stock harness where the ECU was unplugged. External wiring may be required for connections to wideband oxygen sensor controllers.

Q: Is there an estimated release date?
We have not officially announced a release date, but we are hoping to launch the product this summer.

Q: Is there an estimated price?
We have also not announced an official price, however, prices will be comparable to Megasquirt-based PnP/sealed systems for other applications (i.e. MegasquirtPNP/Mazda Miata & SpectreEMS).

04-27-08, We've been receiving a lot of questions about PnP 420A Megasquirt recently, as well as reports of rumors and misinformation going around. In order to clear things up, we've opened a Q&A session to answer all your questions! Please send any inquiries or comments to us and write "PnP 420A MS Q&A" in the subject line. We'll answer as many questions as we can and post the responses right here on SymTech Labs' news page.

04-26-08, SymTech has just released its Intelligent O2 Sensor Simulator (IO2SS)! To avoid irritating catalytic converter related CEL's and all the performance problems that are associated with them, simply complete the easy installation of one of our IO2SS's! They generate a clean, microcontroller based signal approximating that of a functioning O2 sensor if a catalytic converter were present. They come pre-tuned but feature user-configurability to perfectly match the output of any zirconia O2 sensor. Visit its product page to learn more: SymTech IO2SS

04-18-08, Please take note that our shipping department will be closed to take an inventory starting Tuesday, April 22nd, 2007. Any order received on or after Tuesday will not be shipped until Wednesday, April 30th, 2007. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

04-07-08, Interested in SymTech Labs' upcoming PnP 420A Megasquirt release? Please take a look at our latest news release for more information: 420A Megasquirt News Release. Note that we will be releasing several peripheral control modules for those with hardwired MSnS-E units looking to regain factory functionality of such components as the IAC. No prices have been released yet.

03-31-08, The upcoming SymTech 4G63 A/T Shift Box boasts several unprecedented features to meet the vigorous demands of racers and street cars alike. Besides fully electronic sequential shifting with mis-shift protection, the SymTech unit also offers full PWM modulation of the hydraulic line pressure solenoid to control shift hardness.

A superior microcontroller-based design coupled with function-expanding options means the SymTech Shift Box is the only shifter to consider.

Wireless modules are offered as an option to be added either at the time of purchase or later. They're pre-configured for use with built-in steering wheel buttons or our very own paddle shifters!

03-22-08, Performance enthusiasts face special challenges while upgrading exhaust pieces or temporarily removing emissions equipment for track use. If the rear O2 sensor senses rich conditions, or does not send a signal at all, all fuel and timing maps are negatively affected. Fortunately SymTech Labs will soon be releasing a universal O2 sensor simulator to combat just such a situation! The SymTech Labs O2 Sensor Simulator continually cycles through one of several pre-set, but also user-programmable, waveforms to ward off ECU panic modes. It also features variable power resisting circuitry to perfectly mimic O2 sensor heaters.

03-07-08, Please see our news release concerning the upcoming SymTech Labs race manifold for more details: 420A Race Manifold News Release

03-02-08, Have you ever dreamt of a high flowing cast exhaust manifold for the 420A? Are you frustrated with outdated log-style manifolds? SymTech Labs is on the verge of releasing its very own cast race manifold for the 420A! Look forward to more updates within the coming weeks, and a full release by May 2008. The SymTech race exhaust manifold will blow away the competition!

02-18-08, 4G63 A/T shifters are being developed by SymTech labs for an upcoming release. Stay tuned for regular updates.

02-04-08, Fuel cut defenders and PTFE spacers are on sale through SymTech's web store for a limited time only. Available while supplies last!

02-04-08, Plug-and-Play Megasquirt PnP Megasquirt is just around the corner! There will finally be a PnP 420A EMS solution for easy installation and tuning!

01-14-08, Fuel cut defenders are in stock and ready to ship! Feel free to visit our online store to pick yours up today. Treadstone Performance also continues to carry our FCD's for your convenience.

01-13-08, Several DSM service manuals are available for download on SymTechLabs.com now. Take a look here to begin downloading!

12-17-07, SymTech Labs is currently working on a plug-and-play edition of Megasquirt to make installation in your 420A painless! Stay tuned for regular updates. We're looking to release this product in early 2008.

12-17-07, Are you looking for an FCD this winter? Well SymTech Labs is currently out of stock, but our partner, Treadstone Performance (treadstoneperformance.com) currently has plenty in stock. Please visit their website or give them a call if you need a SymTech FCD. We expect more FCD's to be manufactured by New Years.

05-19-07, SymTech Labs now offers wiring harnesses and comm cables to make installing and tuning your Megasquirt unit even easier! Please visit our catalog for more details.

04-26-07, SymTech oxygen sensor simulators will be back in stock and available for sale next week!

04-26-07, Here's what a few people have said about SymTech products:

I own an O2 bypass and an electronic FCD made SymTech, and both are very nicely made and compact. The O2 bypass is especially nice; to install it's simply four wires and "bam" you're done!

I still have the FCD you made me, and it's awesome!

These FCD's are rock solid!

04-25-07, Welcome to SymTech Labs news and updates section! Please visit frequently for the latest news about SymTech products and services.

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