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SYMTECH customers know they can rely on us for superior electronics and engineering services.   SymTech Labs offers complete embedded systems solutions design, PCB layouts, design digitization, prototyping, small-scale manufacturing, and consulting.  From small design entry into CAD to thousand piece production runs, we always have innovation and quality in mind. 

The SymTech Labs' product offering includes several automotive and laboratory specialty circuits.  SymTech is also continually involved in research, development and novel improvements.  SymTech products and services are tailored specifically for consumers, guaranteeing high satisfaction rates and a reputation for excellence.     

SymTech Laboratories
SymTech Laboratories
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06-03-11, New website upgrades for MS3!
06-03-11, Visit us on Facebook!
05-25-11, Memorial Day Sale!
05-25-11, We're Buying Broken SBECIII/FCC PCM's!
05-25-11, Our MS Kits Just Got Even Better!
09-02-10, Brief Interruption in PayPal Service
07-04-10, 4th of July Sale!
07-01-10, MS-3 Is Here!
12-06-09, Free Shipping!
11-28-09, Black Friday Sale Extended!
11-27-09, Black Friday Sale!
10-27-09, Premium Megasquirt Harness TSB
06-24-09, 420A Race Manifolds Released!
06-22-09, Summer Sale at SymTech Labs!
05-10-09, Sale Ending Tomorrow!
05-08-09, More Sales!
05-06-09, "Summer's Almost Here" Sale!
03-18-09, 420A Race Manifold to Be Released in 8 Weeks!
02-26-09, Complete 4G63 Megasquirt Kits Released!
12-27-08, Standard Operations to Resume on Monday
11-28-08, Save 15% on Complete Megasquirt Kits!
11-26-08, Colors!
11-18-08, Complete 420A Megasquirt Kits Now Available!
11-17-08, New Products at the SymTech Store!
10-06-08, Regular Shipping Resumes
09-30-08, New Orders Delayed to Ship
09-21-08, PnP 420A Megasquirt Closer Than Ever!
09-01-08, Labor Day Sale!
08-23-08, Megasquirt MSQ Repository
08-11-08, 3 & 4 bar MAP Sensors and the SymTech "MegaMAP!"
08-06-08, EGT Interface Modules Released!
08-05-08, Save 10% on All Megasquirt Systems!
08-04-08, Megasquirt/Extra EGT Modules Announced!
08-04-08, 420A DSM PTFE Intake Manifold Spacer Sale!
08-04-08, We're expanding!
06-02-08, We're buying PCM's!
05-15-08, We've gone green!
05-09-08, Your PnP 420A MS Questions Answered!
04-27-08, PnP 420A Megasquirt Q&A Session!
04-26-08, Intelligent O2 Sensor Simulators Released!
04-18-08, Shipping information about new orders...
04-07-08, More PnP 420A Megasquirt Information!
03-31-08, More 4G63 A/T Shifter Details Announced!
03-22-08, V2.0 O2 Sensor Simulators Are Almost Finished!
03-07-08, More Race Manifold Information!
03-02-08, 420A Race Manifolds Are Coming!
02-18-08, 4G63 A/T Shifters announced!
02-04-08, FCD's and PTFE spacers are on sale!
02-04-08, Plug-and-Play Megasquirt is coming!
01-14-08, Fuel cut defenders are back in stock!
01-13-08, Our service manual download section is up and running! Take a look!
01-09-08, PTFE intake manifold spacers are finally here! Click here for more information.
12-27-07, PTFE intake manifold spacers will be available next week.
12-27-07, Welcome to our new homepage!
12-17-07, SymTech Labs PnP 420A MSnS-E is coming soon!
12-17-07, Fuel cut defenders will be back in stock soon!
05-19-07, SymTech now offers M
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